Listen To What Other SFI Affiliates Are Saying About Radio SFI





Jacque H.
I love the music. I like promoting my Radio SFI site. Having one page to advertise everything at one time is worth this small, monthly fee. (One link goes directly to my TripleClicks Store) BTW everyone, the improvements coming are going to be awesome.

Joe J.
This has to be the best Advertising idea that covers the full spectrum of all aspects of TripleClicks AND the SFI Affiliate program. It's SO easy to share my "favorite online radio station" with just about everybody while secretly advertising everything I need to advertise in order to make sales, recruit new TC members and PSA's.

Sluggo's Biker Shack.
Wow, not bad! Reminds me of an old radio station I listened to when I was in high school in the 1970s' in my home town of Salida, CO

Benito D.
An excellent way to advertise,very unique.

Chari F.
I like the idea of using another form to advertise. The resources are great and a boost to my other marketing tools. there are more people who are listening online and a great way to share SFI and answer many questions people have about SFI.

Kay B.
I absolutely love this radio sfi. Everything they say on my station comes back to me when they click on my banners. I have sent out advertising and am pleased with the hit tracking. And I'm very pleased since my ECA store sells record albums by the same groups played on the station.

Dimitra M.
An SFI nostalgic, musical, inviting, smart and winning recruitment tool. With proper advertising and time, will generate new Affiliates, Customers, Sales, Commissions. The perfect win-win-win opportunity.

Chow K.
This service / product is awesome.

Dave E.
I Think Radio SFI is a great way to advertize you SFI Business

Emily B.
I love my RadioSFI...I listen to it often while working and I advertise it to my friends. I like the variety of music they play. I also am proud of the SFI commercials, they are "soft" advertising and I like that, to me it is more appealing. Thanks SFI, another incentive to grow my business!

Michael F.
This is the greatest marketing tool put to use for Sfi, And triple clicks, Think about it?? Now you can advertise all your Gateways on one Link..Awesome, enternainment and promotion tool for all Members, And if you dont have it, you should. Even makes it easy for you to sell products on tripleclicks!

Anita S.
Wow, I like it!

Vera M.
Wow!! I am now listening to Radio SFI and it is so co-oo-ol the DJ even playing Jamaican Reggae and featuring Jamaica. Thanks SFI

Mike L.
Who knows, it could be the break-through you need.Let's support our new radio station.

Michael F.
Totally Awesome,Great sound clarity,Great site design,great Marketing concept Well designe and a big Congratulations to you for its design.Got to have this;)

Ef Mercantile.
I am very pleased with the station. I really like the music, and with just a few ads placed my hits are 3x so far of other marketing methods.

Radio SFI ROCKS and the banners on the site are emmbeded with your sfi id for only $12.95 per month and you also get 316 vp point too/ check it out today .

I too have Radiosfi and it is working very nicely. I am really excited about this advertising option and expect that it will bring in the affiliates for me as well.

I just wanted to give everyone an update that I received an email before 2 am this morning saying my radio sfi is ready. I wasn't expecting it to be ready until later tonight, I am so excited about trying this and I just wanted to share with everyone.

Myles R.
This is one of the greastest thing goes right now on,because it let you pick your very own tune and also will let you adverise your very own product with eca

William M.
Radio SFI is the best rock & roll program that I have listen to in years. The guys are great with their selection of music/artists and their stories are great to hear. I plan on using Radio SFI for my main marketing for introducing new members to SFI.

Williams F.
I think that SFI Radio has tremendous potential. As time goes on, I am sure that it will produce a lot of good referrals.

Stephen A.
Love the station & its already helping me build my team.

Michael B.
One of the best investments I've made.

Margaretha D.
Radio SFI is a Great Radio Station that helps build traffic to your SFI Gateways, I am Very Pleased with this product.

Emma M.
This product allows you to promote both SFI and TripleClicks at the same time. The music is great and affiliates should think about using this media to get more sign-ups and make some sales of their products.  

Jr T.
Trust me you cannot go wrong with Radio SFI...

John B. W.
I think Radio SFI is a great way to advertise even got 2 psas thur it due to the increased traffic. I recommend it for your websites not only great advertisement but music as well.

Elizabeth V.
I will order this again . The music is good and the dj's are very entertaining.The commercials are all for SFI AND HOW YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ,IT IS A VERY GOOD PROGRAM.

Lucila H.
I think Radio SFI will be BIG and one of the best way to market SFI and Triple Click in a fun way. I can hardly wait for the result of this advertizing in it's first month. I have it on Standing Order.

Ken H.
This has got to be one of the best new things for SFI!!

Joan H.
I love this tool. Love hearing SFI becoming even more of a "household word" with all of my gateways being promoted and branding Me in a unique way. Will never give up this product, even though I know people have to hear and see for a while. Music and the light talk is great!

Cindy .
I Love Radio SFI...not sure of the promotional benefits yet...but it's a great way to make it through the day...listening to the "oldies" brings back such great memories. It's a fun way to spread the word about SFI/Tripleclicks!

David H.
A Great Tool for everyone to use