Your FREE Radio SFI Viral Video System

People love to share videos.  So we thought "Why not make some money doing what we've all been doing for free".  That's why we've developed our Viral Video Advertising System!

Here's how it works:  You find a crazy YouTube video that makes you laugh,  You enter the code in your Radio SFI back office (easy instructions below) and your system is created.  You post your special URL on your Facebook page, your Twitter page, etc.  You also send a link to your contatcs.  They watch  the video, laugh and send it to their contatcs who send it to their contats, etc.  All of a sudden there are thousands of people looking at your video AND YOUR SFI BANNER, YOUR TRIPLECLICKS BANNER, YOUR RADIO SFI BANNER AND ANY OTHER BANNER YOU CHOOSE!

Your free system allows you to have a total of 3 pages with different videos on each.

After your free viral traffic has slowed down you can go back into your Radio SFI back office, enter 3 new You Tube video codes and do it all over again.

Remember. You want people to enjoy your videos so that they will pass them on to their friends. Any You Tube video that you would want your family to see is OK. If you think your mother would enjoy it then load it up. We will be monitoring all videos to make sure people don't upload inappropriate material. There is also a "report Abuse" link on each video page.


Setup Instructions

To create your viral video advertising system go to YouTube.Com and select the video you want to use.  Click on "Share".  Then click on "Embed".  The code will look like this:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Copy the ID number of the video (the part in red in this example).

Log into your Radio SFI back office and click on "Profile".  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the box labeled "YouTube Code #1".  Paste the video ID in that field.

In the box labeled "Video Name #1" enter a name for the video.  The first letter of each word should be upper case letters.

In the box labeled "Background Style #1" choose one of the background styles from the pull down menu.

Optional: In the box labeled Video 1 key words enter several words or phrases that describe video 1. Separate each key word or phrase with a comma.  Do not leave spaces between key words or phrases.  Example: music,radiosfi,entertainment,make money.

This completes your first viral video page .

Repeat these 4 steps to set up videos 2 and video 3.

You can edit your video pages at any time.  Change the background, change the video, rename the video, change the key words, etc.  

Custom Banner at the bottom of your Video page:

In the box labeled "Custom Banner Image URL" enter the image URL for the optional banner you would like to appear at the bottom of your 3 video pages.

In the box labeled "Custom Banner Destination URL" enter the URL of the site you want people to see when they click on the bottom banner.  (This banner will also appear at the bottom of your Radio SFI website.)

Once you have entered all of the necessary information click "Update Your Profile" and your new Viral Video System will be live. 

Now it's time to share your videos (and your banners) with the world! 

To advertise your #1 video send people to

To advertise your #2 video send people to

To advertise your #3 video send people to

* Be sure to replace "your ID" above with your actual Radio SFI ID.

Non Radio SFI members are paying $12.95 monthly for this new Viral Video System .  Your system will be live and free as long as you continue to be an active member of Radio SFI.

If you have any questions let us know at